Lotus Notes, iCal, Google Apps – Calendar Interoperability Issues

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There seems to be a strange issue with Apples iCal using a Google Apps backend when you try to accept or deny invitations sent from Lotus Notes.

The setup:

  • Calendar Client: iCal 4.0.4 on Mac OS 10.6.6
  • Server: Google Apps
  • Sync via CalDAV account in iCal

The problem:

  • Invitation sent from Lotus Notes comes with an ICS attachment
  • Invitation will be displayed in iCal
  • User changes status in iCal by accepting or denying the invitation
  • iCal tries to sync back the changes to Google Apps
  • after half a minute sync stops with the failure message shown above. The process CalDAVWriteEntityQueueableOperation receives the message „HTTP/1.1 500 Server error code: f52e483e“ from Google Apps
  • Status in iCal and in Google Apps stays open
  • Only way to accept or deny the invitation is to do it in Google Apps Calendar web frontend directly. This syncs correctly back to iCal.

It seems there are some users out there experiencing the same issues. But no one has solution. So is anybody aware of that problem and knows how to fix it?

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1 Comment

  1. catherine cooper
    5. April 2011

    i use ical with feeds from my google calendar. a client sent several invites via lotus notes and i never got them. i lost the business due to this. does awesync work to ensure this won’t happen again? How can I „test“ a solution when I do not personally use lotus notes?


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